BOBBIES are getting ready to go on the tweet next week as the police aim to reach out to the public through social networks.

Wiltshire Police are launching Tweet Week in order to connect with the public in readiness for one of the busiest summers in its history.

People will be able to use Twitter to follow the activities of staff and officers next Monday as they use the social media site to take people through their day.

Tweet Week aims to highlight how the police are using Twitter as a tool to communicate with the public.

For five days throughout the week a different member of staff each day will be tweeting what they get up to throughout their shift.

It begins with Deputy Chief Constable Mike Veale on Monday (#DccVeale).

He said: “We know that people who feel informed feel safe. Wiltshire Police already uses Twitter as an important tool in helping to keep our communities informed and we’ve seen our follower numbers increase sharply over the last 12 months.

“A number of Neighbourhood Policing Teams now have accounts, as do our CID, all of which are increasing in popularity.

“We hope this week will give people an insight into the roles of staff and officers that people may not be as familiar with but who all play a key part in helping to keep our public safe.

“With more people than ever using smart phones and a phone being the one thing people don’t leave home without, it’s one way people can follow us wherever they are.”