American rock band Wheatus have downed guitars on recording their latest album to jet over to the UK after their teen anthem Teenage Dirtbag shot back into the UK singles charts.

Last month, the catchy pop-rock song reached the Top 30, 12 years after it first rocketed to number two in 2000.

Founder band member Brendan Brown said: “We have 10 new tracks for the album which are all post apocalyptic love songs, but because of this chart happening with Teenage Dirtbag we had to come over here to tour.

“It is confusing after all this time but we are quite proud of the fact that it has lasted.’’ Wheatus are heading to Swindon on Saturday as part of the tour, performing at the MECA in Regent Circus. They will be supported by Math The Band, Cornmo and Swindon band Slagerij.

Teenage Dirtbag was featured in the movie Loser and a song from Wheatus’ first album – Punk Ass B***h – was bought by the creator of the Jackie Chan Adventures.

“It was a re-write for the TV show and we are proud of it because Jackie Chan is so cool,” said Brendan, who also wrote the film score for April Showers, a film dealing with the issues of the Columbine Massacre.

He said: “I was contacted by a survivor and the film was an affecting, first-hand account of the massacre.”

For the past two years it has been Wheatus themselves in front of the cameras, as Adi Lane from Indywood Films has been making a documentary on their 10th anniversary tour called Wheatus, You Might Die.

Brendan started the band with his brother Pete in 1995 and there have been various line-up changes throughout the years.

“The longest musical relationship I have had is seven years with Kevin Joaquin Garcia on drums and Matthew Miligan on bass,” he said.

Pete left to get married in 2006 but sister Liz Brown still sings backing for the band when they are in the States.

“It was always understood that my thing was life on the road and that Pete would eventually want to settle in one place,” said Brendan.

“He now lives in New Jersey with my two nephews and a niece, but we still hang out together.”

Doors open at 6.30pm at the MECA to see Brendan and Wheatus and tickets are £12 plus booking fee from 01793 495527 or online from