PEDESTRIANS have been left puzzled at a crossing in the town centre after a council botch-job.

Contractors have been blamed by the council for not knowing their left from their right for a road sign on a busy street.

The sign, which had been painted over when it was originally done, has started to show on Emlyn Square.

The road marking, at the major junction in the town centre, tells pedestrians to look left, but the arrow painted next to it is pointing to the right.

The junction is used by thousands of drivers and pedestrians every day and the error was made three years ago when the road was resurfaced.

In a statement Swindon Council said: “The road was resurfaced in 2009 and the contractor painted the arrow in the wrong direction on one side of the road.

“Prior to that it was facing the right way.

“The contractor appears to have painted over the arrow with black paint, which is now wearing away making the arrow clearly visible.

“We are arranging to have it removed, and not painted over, as soon as possible.

“There have been no accidents at that site since the resurfacing work was carried out.”

The road markings had left some pedestrians confused but many who use the junction every day had not even noticed the error.

Simon Perry, 58, from the town centre, said: “I walk this way to and from work every day and I have never noticed it.

“Now I have seen it, it does look a bit stupid but I don’t think too many people pay attention to the signs any way, they use their common sense.”
Sue Peters, 42, of Old Town, said: “I hadn’t seen it before it was pointed out.

“I can see how these things happen but you think it would have been corrected by now.

“I don’t think it is too dangerous at this junction as it is only buses, but it is good that it hasn’t led to any accidents.”
The road sign will be corrected as soon as possible and it will not be painted over this time.