Barclays in Swindon has launched a new digital safety and scam awareness drive to encourage residents to consider their own digital vulnerability and improve their scam awareness.

An evening event in Swindon will be hosted by local MP Justin Tomlinson at his constituency office, First Floor Customer Service Hub, Orbital Shopping Park Thamesdown Drive, on Thursday, November 2 from 6pm – 7.30pm. Anyone is welcome to come along to find out more on how to protect and stay one step ahead of fraudsters and discuss their concerns with Barclays Digital Eagles and Trading Standards during the evening drop in session.

Justin Tomlinson MP said: “Increasingly our lives are being organised online. Utility bills, emails and most importantly; banking. As more and more of us do everything online, cyber-crime is becoming more common and sophisticated. That’s why I am delighted that Barclays are running this digital safety event at my community office, alongside Trading Standards. I would encourage everybody to come along, especially those who want to learn more about keeping safe online; whether for themselves or their relatives and friends.”

Rowena Mawle, Branch Manager at the Barclays West Swindon, branch said: “At Barclays, helping customers and local residents get online is something we’re really keen to support through our Digital Eagles, however, we’re also keen to make sure they do this safely and provide tips on safe banking and how to avoid becoming a victim of other fraud and scams. Working with Trading Standards and we will on hand to discuss any concerns at the drop in session and we look forward to welcoming anyone who is interested in learning more about staying safe online and prevent other fraudulent scams.”

Across the UK, digital familiarity may be fuelling online complacency and residents of all ages are regularly falling victim to online scams, fraud and cyber threats with many adults unable to protect data, devices, accounts and spot digital threats.

Rowena added: “We hope this event will help raise awareness of the different kinds of frauds and scams in existence and we are encouraging everyone, even the most confident of digital users, to take our test and learn how they can stay safe in our digital age.”

Barclays estimates that if people implemented these three top tips we could help to cut levels of fraud by up to 75 per cent.

1. Never give out your full Online Banking PIN, Passcode or Password to anyone, even a caller claiming to be from the police or your bank.

2. Do not click on any link or open an attachment on any e-mail you receive which is unsolicited.

3. Avoid letting someone you do not know have access to your computer, especially remotely.

To find out how digitally safe you are, take the new quiz at the Barclays Digital Safety Hub or simply search for “Barclays Digital Safety”