A round table workshop is being planned to help Swindon businesses to flourish.

The Amelia Bishop round table business training workshop looks at the opportunities for businesses out of Brexit in the Brexit Readiness and Planning Training Workshop.

Senior Operational Brexit Consultant and Founder Amelia Bishop said: "We are giving you the tools to ensure your business continues to grow during these changing and uncertain times by sharing our knowledge and experience and equipping you with the tools to prepare and transform your business in the years ahead.''

The aim of the one-day hands-on workshops is to bring together an exclusive small group of businesses from different sectors working together to share insight and knowledge with each other.

The Training:

• Awareness and understanding of risks currently at play

• Working through and defining your business scenarios

• Undertaking a risk assessment

• Understanding how contingency plans will shape the future of your business

The Tools:

• A copy of the risks discussed during the workshop

• The risk assessment template - that you will already have started to complete

• The contingency plan template – that you will have already created for one scenario

Your Takeaway

• Knowledge of and an understanding of the risks that could affect your business

• A documented risk assessment

• Documented scenario(s) for your business

• At least one contingency plan

To book please go to https://www.eventbrite.com/e/grow-your-business-brexit-readiness-training-workshop-tickets-42526186970