STAFF at Fig Offices in Swindon will support the homeless in Swindon by sleeping outside with the local charity Threshold Housing Link.

Gemma Georg and Abbie Paginton from the office, opposite the Zurich HQ, will be braving the December cold in solidarity for Swindon's homeless population for the Big Sleep out 2018.

In a video shared online Gemma George, centre manager at Fig Officers, said: “Last year I took part in the sleep out for the first time and apart from feeling slightly chilly and enjoying a lovely breakfast the main feeling I came away with was vulnerability.

“There are around 60 people homeless in Swindon, all of which will be carrying round that feeling with them every single day. They won’t be able to progress of this feeling of vulnerability. Take part in the Big Sleep Out and to be involved somehow to show you’re support.

Abbie Paginton, client services assistant at Fig Offices, added: “This is my first time and I was really encouraged by Gemma words when she spokes about it and having met Michael from The Threshold his passion for the cause is just infectious so we’re really delighted to supporting them.”

The Big Sleep Out will take place on December 7 at Immanuel URC Church, 16 Upham Road.