A FORMER global petrochemical executive is switching sides to join the innovative plastic recycling firm Recycling Technologies in Swindon.

Paul turner, who has worked for some of largest petrochemical companies in the world, including Lyondell Basell, Borealis and The Dow Chemical Company, will join the South Marston-based firm as a non-executive director.

Recycling Technologies has developed a plastic recycling machine, the RT7000, that converts plastic waste back into oil, called Plaxx, from which new plastics can be made.

"I am keen to get started and realise the pivotal role that Recycling Technologies is playing, helping to drive the sustainability of the petrochemical sector," said Paul.

Adrian Griffiths, CEO of Recycling Technologies, said: “We are thrilled to have Paul on the board.

"His extensive chemical industry expertise and global strategic leadership skills will prove invaluable to our longer-term strategies for the growth.

"In particular, his wealth of petrochemical experience will help Recycling Technologies pursue its feedstock recycling goal, delivering seven million tonnes of Plaxx to the global market by 2027.””