STUDENTS from Plymouth visited an audiology and optometrist in Old Town to see how the business works in the real world.

The optometry students from the University of Plymouth spent a day at the Outside Clinic, which provides home-visits to patients around the UK with hearing and eyesight problems.

The taster day was to show what domiciliary services were like and to show some of the latest technology.

Luke McRoy-Jones, President of Plymouth Optometry Society, said: “As a committee, we worked with OutsideClinic to offer our students a Domiciliary Taster Experience Day.

"The day was very unique in offering students a hands-on insight into domiciliary, an area of optometry they may not have otherwise considered.”

Students also gained an insight into logistical planning and systems of the clinic which supports 100,000 patients across the UK from its Old Town office.

Matthew Burford, professional services manager at the Outside Clinic, said : “I think the level of support and equipment available to field based Optometrists surprised and reassured many of the students who I hope will consider domiciliary Optometry as a rewarding career choice.”