A HIGHWORTH web design team has built a secure e-commerce site for Nike which uses AI to detect online fraudsters.

Reuben Design worked with its parter Jigsaw Business Solutions which was approached to make the digital e-commerce site secure enough to allow visitors to order e-gift cards via Nike's European website.

The e-giftcards can be sent as an email immediately or scheduled to arrive on a certain day – on the recipient's birthday, for example, but are also as a major target for cyber criminals at some of the big brands.

"We built our own AI system which rates and analyses transfers to look for a pattern," founder and digital strategist Ray Stephens told the Adver.

"There are a lot of global brands looking at our purpose-built e-commerce sites that incorporate our anti-fraud engine because of its success rate in identifying and preventing the misuse of credit and debit cards," he added.

"But there is no reason why smaller companies shouldn't benefit from our expertise in web design and build, e-commerce solutions, and app development. We work with all kinds of organisations, small or large, charities, non-profits.

"We're proud of our local roots and remain committed to supporting other local businesses."

The portal will automatically flag up suspicious transactions and in some cases block them and decline the payment.

Reuben Digital, which was established in 2006, started out by creating consumer websites for the likes of National Book Tokens and Theatre Tokens.

It is currently building automated cloud-based e-commerce solutions for other nationally and internationally-renowned brands.

Since the Nike site was launched in November it has issued more than 6,000 e-giftcards to shoppers in nine European countries.

After a 12-week project, with significant focus on ease of use and fraud prevention, Nike were delighted with the speed to market and agile approach, said Ray.

One in five, 22 per cent, people have been defrauded via their credit card in 2018, according to a survey of 2,000 UK adults commissioned by comparethemarket.com.