A PHARMACEUTICAL firm based in Swindon is supporting the trial of ground-breaking drugs to tackle global diseases.

Wasdell, a pharmaceutical packaging manufacturer based in Blagrove, has expanded its work with partners in the industry to support the trial of drugs for conditions connected to cancer, mental health and potentially fatal oesophagus bleeding.

The patient trials, which are shrouded in secrecy due to client confidentially, are overseen by a team of specially qualified people, who prepare the packaging to ensure accurate results.

Qualified person Lucia Dalvit explained: “As part of the patient trials we work directly between the manufacturer and hospital to provide the pharmaceutical products going through the trial.

“The trials can take place across many different countries and for a number of years and are a precursor to the drugs being granted a licence for use before entering the market.

“The trials that we are currently involved in can involve hundreds or even thousands of patients globally and so we must ensure that the products are packaged correctly so that the right patient receives the right drug, whether that might be a placebo or an active product.”

Efficiency and reliability are key in bringing new drugs to market, potentially costing hundreds of millions of pounds to suppliers and manufacturers, requiring rigorous production line and packing procedures to be in place.

Lucia added: “Many times we are in a very privileged position where only we will know whether the drug supplied to a patient is a placebo, alternative or active drug.

“These ‘double blind’ trials, where neither the patient or the hospital knows what they are being given, are crucial to providing the evidence needed in order to license a drug.

“Whilst challenging due to the amount of rigorous procedure and protocol involved, these are very exciting projects to be involved in as you are one of the first to know that there has been progress in finding a cure for a condition.”

Wasdell is currently in the Sunday Times BDO Profit Track 100 after leaping from 94th place to number 81.