NATWEST has launched a new digital workshop to help parents teach children financial skills in just two hours.

According to the Royal Mint’s 2021 Savings Report, 78 per cent of parents have vowed to improve their financial habits throughout this financial year to benefit their children’s futures. But financial education is just as important to empowering children before they reach adulthood.

Learn, Talk, Do provides parents and carers of children aged between three and 11-years-old with strategies, tips and more confidence to talk to their children about money. There are six workshops taking place throughout July to choose from.

The workshop was created by the company's money and pensions Service and is being delivered by NatWest’s team of community bankers.

During 2016 and 2017, an in-person version of the workshop was piloted in Wales and 99 per cent of attendees involved in the evaluation said they would recommend it to other parents.

The workshop is split into six core sections, which are brought to life through activities and discussions covering why we need to actively teach our children about money, how to teach children through everyday activities, and options for how best to put this into practice.

NatWest community banker Gregory Couch said: “The workshop has been designed to be relaxed and fun, so you can take part while sat on your sofa with a coffee.

"It’s definitely not like being back in school. If your children are with you too that’s absolutely fine, we know how difficult it is juggling things when you’re a parent or carer.

“That’s why there’s several workshops to choose from, each taking place on different dates and times of the day so you can pick the one that best suits you. All you need is access to Zoom.

“Today four out of 10 adults feel they are not in control of their finances and that’s why it’s so important we empower children from a young age so that as adults they’ll be more confident and secure with their finances.

"The workshop is two hours that can really transform your children’s lives and allow you to give them an important head start in life.”

The workshops are on July 7 from 6.30pm, 10am on July 8, midday on July 13, 10am on July 14. 6.30pm on July 20 and 12pm on July 22. Book a free place at