THE coronavirus map for Swindon is looking more colourful than in previous weeks as cases pop up in areas where the virus had previously been considered 'suppressed'.

The map uses data from the seven days up to June 7 to calculate the infection rate in different parts of the borough.

The area around Shrivenham saw a double-digit rise in cases which caused its infection rate to more-than-triple and for the area to be coloured a dark blue.

Parts of the country that have fewer than three coronavirus cases confirmed within that week are shown as colourless, their data is hidden and the ward is classed as having 'suppressed' Covid-19.

Several parts of Swindon that used to be colourless are now light or dark green as their cases rise above three, though totals for the week remain in single digits.

Have a look at the full table below or view the full UK case map here.