Every day in the good old USA more than 200 people go into a Honda dealership and walk out with a new Civic – a Civic which has been built entirely in Swindon.

Such has been the demand for this Swindon car those who work at the South Marston factory have been packing in the overtime hours.

Those lovely Yanks just can’t get enough of the Civic and such is the standard of build of this new car it is a great credit to those people who work here in Swindon.

But they know what they are doing here in our town. After all Swindon workers used to build the great railway engines of the past which pulled the trains around the world from Wiltshire to India.

This year will be the 25th anniversary for Honda building cars in Swindon. And despite what Brexit might mean for the UK there’s no doubt Honda will be doing the same here in at least another 25 years.

After all they have invested more than £2 billion of their own cash in the years they have been here and the Japanese never waste their money, ever.

Last year Honda as a company built its 100 millionth car and 99 per cent of its customers have been satisfied ones.

While the CR-V, and they also build them here as well, was the world’s best selling sports utility vehicle out of the almost five million vehicles they built last year more than 600,000 were Civics.

Since the Civic was first launched in 1972, millions of customers have been captivated by its total reliability and the latest one is the 10th generation. Just like the rest it is good to drive, extremely economical and rated to be one of the best family hatchbacks on the road.

What I like about Honda is they could have refreshed the ninth variation of the Civic with a new engine and done a couple of things and calling it there 10th.

Oh no! This is a new Civic from the tyre valves upwards. The company spent around one third of its research and development budget on the new Civic. The result is that there is a new platform, a new set of engines and new transmissions.

At the moment there are just petrol engines with a 1.0 litre turbo petrol and a 1.5 litre petrol which is the model which goes to the States, but of course it can be bought here. Marketing reckon it will only be 30 per cent of buyers that will go for the 1.5 litre petrol.

Plans are in the pipeline for a diesel but with the motoring public running a bit scared of diesels it remains to be seen what will happen on this front.

There is bags of new hi-tech stuff in the 10th generation which I have to say is just that little bit over the top and it has similar looks to the excellent HR-V and the new Jazz.

The new Civic comes in at just over the £20,000 mark and by the time you get an upgraded model you are looking at £24,000 for the best. Expensive? Yes, of course. It’s a Honda but it will keep its value, more than you can say about a Vauxhall.

The SE version emits between 110g/km of CO2 and 117g/km depending on your model. The top speed is 126mph with 0-62mph in just under 11 seconds. You will easily get 50 miles to the gallon and around 60 mpg at a push.

There is a new multi-link rear suspension which means body control is good and there is great comfort on our crappy roads. The level of grip is decent with good steering The one litre engine is just brilliant with 127bhp and is one of the best on the three-cylinder offerings available.

While the magic seats have gone there is a boot which is almost 500 litres which means a set of golf clubs, trolley plus two reasonable suitcases fit in easily. There is a large well under the floor where the spare tyre used to be and can be used for storage.

There is bags of knee room and the cabin has slimline parcel shelves that retract sideways to save space, to a deep central cubby and wire-tidying clips in front of the gear lever. There is good basic kit and the SR model has dual-zone climate control, auto lights and wipers and 17-inch wheels as standard.

The SE has Bluetooth, LED daytime running lights and smaller 16-inch wheels.