So what is the DS range of cars? You seem to be seeing more and more of them on the British roads.

Well the DS is to Citroen what Infiniti is to Nissan or Lexus is to Toyota. It’s the premium brand, which certain motorists like to have instead of a just bog standard model.

Lexus were the first people to try it out when they prettified their Toyota range back along in 1989 while DS became a global brand in its own right just short of five years ago. And it reeks of French motoring.

DS and Peugeot are doing a good job taking on the German marque and their models are getting better and better.

Having just been out in their top of the range DS 7 Crossback, their fancy Sports Utility Vehicle it was a good ride but an expensive one.

Prices begin at just over £28,000 while the top of the range is close to £45,000 when all the odds and sods are added on.

I didn’t have a complaint other than the seat belt was a little tight if you are wearing a jacket, but that’s a bit mean. You shouldn’t really drive wearing a jacket! The rest was quite beautiful.

I would have liked a 4x4 model but one of those is coming early next year along with a plug-in hybrid.

This DS 7 Crossback came to the UK earlier in the year and at the moment there are four trims – Elegance, Performance Line, Prestige and Ultra Prestige.

Then DS have given motorists a whole variety of choices from bigger wheels, various other options including lighting, upholstery, safety, paintwork and items to fry your brains if you concentrate long enough. You’ll need a day with a sales person to explain just what is available and at what price.

There are three engine options – the 130 hp, 1.5 litre, four cylinder BlueHDi turbodiesel, with a six speed manual gearbox; the 180 hp, 2.0 litre BlueHDi turbodiesel, with an eight speed automatic transmission and then the PureTech 225 hp 1.6 litre turbocharged petrol engine, also with an eight speed auto. All Crossbacks are front wheel drive.

There is so much kit you hardly know where to look.

The bottom of the scale with the Elegance has electronic stability control, trailer stability control, lane departure warning, a touch screen system, speed limit recognition warning, rear parking sensors, keyless starting, air con, automatic screen wipers, odour filter, a multi-function trip computer, LED interior lighting and an height-adjustable driver’s seat.

Next with Performance comes 19 inch sports road wheels, a larger (12 inch) touch screen plus a 12.3 inch digital instrument display, DS Connect Nav (connected 3D navigation), LED headlights, and electrically-folding door mirrors.

The Prestige has a massage function, electric adjustment for the front seats and the rear seats backrests, a dash-mounted B.R.M R180 clock, an eight speaker HiFi system, a central arm rest for the rear seat, keyless entry and starting, door mirror memory and a twin level floor boot with lateral storage, a chromed entry sill and a 12 volt socket.

Then finally there is 20 inch road wheels, an electrically-operated panoramic sun roof, remote tailgate opening with Stop& Go, plus Lane Keeping Assist, both of which I find most irritating and always turn off!

Wide opening doors, both front and rear, made entry to and exit from the car easy for everyone with bags of luggage accommodation.

The rear seat backs, can be divided 2/3:1/3, fold forward easily and quickly, instantly providing a flat-floored load compartment when required. There are numerous other extra smaller storage compartments around the vehicle, including big bins in all the doors.

The Crossback has four different drive modes Eco, Normal, Comfort and Sport all of which work extremely well.

Surprisingly the Crossback has only just a 1.6 petrol turbo engine which can hit a top speed of more than 140mph. 0-62 is reached in just over eight seconds and the combined miles per gallon is more than 40 which will give you more than 500 miles between fill-ups.

So you are out playing King of the Road in a vehicle which is both stylish and comfortable.

And if you are driving out at night the Crossback has got probably the best lights of any of the opposition. Not only are they bright but they look round the corners, which is one of the best safety features of the car.