For some time Swindon's leisure centres have been run by the not-for-profit organisation GLL Better.

Within this timeframe the Health Hydro has closed for much-needed refurbishment, the Oasis Leisure Centre has been closed permanently, and the Link Centre has suffered an unexpected disaster after heavy rain caused flooding.

This is has left many people in the town questioning whether or not Swindon Borough Council should be managing its own leisure facilities and one organisation, Save Oasis Swindon called for a public enquiry.

The current leader of the council, Jim Robbins, took over earlier this year when a local election saw its hands change from the Conservative party to Labour.

In response he said there was no need or a public enquiry but also expressed his opinion that handing the reigns of the leisure centres over to someone else was a 'stupid decision that has been proved to be a mistake'.

But do the people of Swindon agree? Here's what Adver readers reacting to Cllr Robbins' comments had to say.

Samantha Louise said: "Swindon has become a town with no prospects, the council has failed its community.

"Our children have nowhere to go, town is filled with empty shops, there is nothing bringing people to our town anymore!

"It’s so sad."

Janice Timms said: "They want us to be healthier and then we lose or gets taken away the things that can help.

"Not always anyone's fault, but...."

Dave Vincent Grainger said: "If the Oasis was financially viable would it still be closed realistically?"

Hannah Marquez said: "Two are managed on behalf of the council by GLL who are a community interest company, which means they run like a charity investing back into communities.

"GLL have been up against it country wide due to lock downs and energy price hikes, as has all the leisure industry.

"It’s why they couldn’t hold on to the Oasis (SevenCapital owns the lease on that one).

"The Hydro is being majorly invested in and the Link flooded due to storm drains overflowing.

"The Oasis should never have been sold to SevenCapital though!"

Paul Loveday said: "I said this years ago!

"It was ridiculous when the prices went up from reasonable to more than it would cost me to have a gym membership and pay for the kids to go swimming on top.

"If you make it affordable more people will come and when they come they will want food and drink.

"Last time I went it was nearly £20 for a family just for swimming, should never of been handed over."

Save Oasis Swindon said: "These were public owned buildings, all built with Swindon taxpayer money.

"Just who gave them the authority to lease them all off? We, the Swindon public own them all and we want them back!

"When the council had a leisure arm, they had life and soul and were the place to be."

Steve Elliott said: "These TOWN buildings should belong to the town, remain open for the town!

"Not as if the town hasn't expanded!"

Paula Pironi said: "So agree, should be council run as public-owned.

"Had more here to do 50 years ago at good prices, now a town in shambles looks derelict."