The private hire firm where the Sian O’Callaghan murder suspect worked, is keen to stress its commitment to the safety of its customers.

Five Star, a company set up just two weeks ago based out of the Cheney Manor Industrial Estate, boasts the most advanced security system available to private hire and taxi firms.

Christopher Halliwell, 47, who has been charged with her murder, was one of the 14 self-employed drivers the company had when it was established.

With the latest GPS technology, the company can track each one of its drivers, even pinpointing them to where they are on a specific street and see how fast they are travelling.

The system also allows the operator to send a text to the customer to tell them the colour, make and registration of the vehicle coming to pick them up or alternatively a ringback.

Company director Marion Spencer said: “Five Star private hire is heavily committed to restoring public confidence following the tragic events relating to Sian O’Callaghan.

“As a new company, Five Star’s intention is to provide a safe and reliable service, at the same time providing customer reassurance.

“The company can provide additional security and safety messages by providing all customers with a ring back or text back service providing all customers with specific details about their vehicle prior to their pick up.

“We are able to provide a female driver if one is available.”

Because the criminal proceedings against Halliwell have now started, the company is unable to comment on the case or him as an individual.

Marion added: “Following recent events, Five Star private hire have fully assisted the Wiltshire Constabulary with their investigation and will continue to do so where able.