Complaints have been made about the M4 Junction 15 roundabout, with it labelled as 'dangerous and confusing' for motorists.

In the months that followed the October 2021 completion of a £17 million revamp for the Junction 15 roundabout that connects the A419 and A346 to the motorway, there have been many reports of confused motorists using the wrong lanes as they approach their exits.

National Highways has refuted this with manager Ian Thompson reaffirming that the road markings were compliant with standards set out in the Design Manual for Roads and Bridges.

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He added that current crash statistics also don't point towards there being a problem at the junction.

Now, in comments made on the Swindon Advertiser Facebook page, readers have had their say on the supposedly problematic roundabout.

Gary Sumner said: "Works perfectly. People should try busier junctions like junction 11 at Reading with more lanes and exits and see how they cope.

"Follow the road markings."

Iggy Cary Dias said: "There is nothing wrong with it.

"People need to open their eyes when driving and need to know where they are going and than use a little bit common sense (which I know sometimes hard to find) and you will be fine on the roundabout."

Mike Ede said: "People don't keep in their lane. It is odd being in the left-hand lane turning right up the A417/9 but that's correct.

"Every time someone cuts from the middle lane to the left after entering the roundabout."

Beth Rickwood said: "Fine by me travelling in all directions and traffic flows better too! For once they got it right!"

Patrick Nicholls said: "It's not that hard to establish. Look at the arrows on the floor.

"Approach with plenty of time to react and get yourself around it."

Philip Blunt said: "I think it works well. Just keep your wits about you. Massively reduces tailbacks coming off the M4 from the east. Reduces tailbacks on A419 turning onto M4.

"I think it's good."

Alan Gaunt said: "I use it regularly and have no problems. It is a vast improvement on the previous arrangement."

Graham Loney said: "Should have kept the inside lane from Marlborough side as a direct lane to the motorway.

"Would have made so much more sense and eased congestion."

Stuart John Lucas said: "Took a little getting used to at first but as previously said read the road signs makes perfect sense."

Mick Prout: "It's not dangerous but I really don’t know why they made it three lanes to go right to the A419 when after the M4 slip it is two."

Angela Sindy Reid: "Maybe it's time we all had a refresher lesson every 10 years to learn about new things like spiral marked roundabouts.

"When a lot of folks passed their tests they weren't taught to follow the lines and read the writing on the ground.

Vicki Crocker: "I drive it both ways five days a week and have no problems. Just follow the traffic rules and well sign posted and road markings."

Janet Dobson: "It can be confusing but not if you take your time I find Commonhead under the bridge to the lights confusing as to which lane to be in."

Ryan Wild said: "The only bit that's really poorly marked and lacks signage is as you come off from the M4 from the east.

"Every time I've come back that way it's musical cars as the lanes aren't clear. The rest of it is fine."

Elliott Watts said: "Coming off at 15 westbound people need to realise you can use all three lanes on the slip road to go round to the right onto the A419 it’s clearly signed but people are just oblivious."