Swindon's Signal Point building has stood above the town's train station for many years, unused and abandoned for a long time.

In 2020 Network Rail regained control of the building and announced plans to spruce it back up as part of a regeneration strategy for Swindon.

It was hoped at the time that the building would become an 'iconic entrance' to Swindon and give visiting train passengers a good first impression of the town.

But three years later, it remains largely the same as it was, so we took the opportunity to ask our readers what they would like to see the structure used for.

Here are some of the responses from members of the public.

Gary Sumner said: "Network Rail took back ownership.

"They are looking at plans for their ownership of this building and their land ownership around.

"It’s a long term project and good for Swindon."

Mark Luszcz said: "It would cost so much to renovate this building that it would be better to knock it down and rebuild Either a traditional GWR stone station or build an ultra modern one."

Karen Curtin said: "Considering our history with the railway, it has always been an eyesore.

"The first building you see when you arrive by train to Swindon, should be knocked down and build something more fitting.

"The style of the outlet village and surrounding area would look so much nicer."

Zak Stratton-Taylor said: "I’ve heard it has structural issues. Meaning it’s pretty much useless and a logistical nightmare to demolish.

"It’ll stay this way for as long as the owner can get away with it."

Rob Reeve said: "Put all of our tremendous card shops into one cards for all occasions mega store, floors of cards and helium balloons, what a boost to the town centre that would be."

Andy Mackenzie said: "6 point charges at all the main structural points then press the button

"(after warning the public of flying debris of course)"

Tristan Strange said: "First up we should write "MOST EXPENSIVE STRIP OF RAIL IN EUROPE" in massive letters in the windows and use it to pressure for affordable rail tickets.

"It should be handed to the community to manage.

"We've a building community of artists that need space to work.

"The council should foster it. Workshops and space for bands for practice could provoke growth of culture in the town.

"Projects like the Artsite and to a certain extent Swindon Hub demonstrate what could come of it."

Torin Clements said: "Can I suggest we demolish it and build a new station building for the frontage that pays homage to the original station building and take inspiration from Bath Spa."

Jim Thorn said: "Probably best if Network Rail were to demolish it and replace it with a new, one or two storey station with a few kiosk type shops and food outlets."

Tony Persico said: What's actually in those rooms above the station? Always wondered."

Bryant Sammy said: "Since it vibrates when trains go through it would need loads spending to bring fit for purpose.

"It's why half the windows are boarded up as kept falling out when a train went through."

Steve Heyes said: "If you imagine the enormous cost of doing anything anything with it, it will take Network Rail several years to raise the budget as things like this take years to plan so probably in the investment queue."

Dale May said: "I would knock down all 10 stories of offices, and replace them with a single translucent floor/roof

"(may sound silly but imagine a massive greenhouse),

"And I would permanently display a classic Swindon Works built train. Celebrate the town’s heritage."

James Ducker said: "I actually love it, especially with the BR logo on the top.

"Feels like a little piece of the ‘80s.

"I would love it if network rail could fix it up, smarten it up inside and out, and use it as their offices."