BUS lane fines have once again become the talk of the town after a letter was sent from a family in Devon who were stung while visiting the Designer Outlet.

The bus lane camera located on Penzance Drive has frequently caught out unsuspecting motorists, and new Freedom of Information figures show that up to 40 people a day on average are getting caught using it.

This means Swindon Borough Council is making around £500,000 from that single device alone per year.

But what do the people of Swindon thing about the controversial restriction?

Is it properly sign posted and drivers need to be more aware of what they're doing, or is there a problem at this specific junction that needs addressing?

Here's what the people of Swindon had to say.

Mariana Araujo said: "Gosh the sign is so visible I don’t understand, I really don’t. And I am a driver."

Phillippa Gabriel said: "I’m a Swindonian and I also made the mistake.

"I noticed as soon as I went down but there was nowhere to turn round I felt a right pleb but I was following satnav orders."

Mark Vincent said: "You have to admit the road signage on Swindon roads and roundabouts is awful at best with some lines non-existent.

"Appreciate this is a red bus lane but with so many being caught out it would suggest something's amiss or wrong."

Maria Harris said: "This caught us out once, by the time we realised it was too late.

"We aren’t local so this did put us off coming back."

Carol Garrington said: "Waiting at the bus stop I saw 3 cars sailing through."

Neil Tinson said: "This makes me laugh all the time where do people pass their test or don't they

"The tarmac is orange with 3 ft high letters on can people not read?

"The traffic lights have a sign on saying no right/left turn busses only.

"If you can't see or read shouldn't be driving."

Robert Hamley said: "Maybe if the owners of the outlet had the decency to put an entrance and exit into Rodbourne Road drivers would not even attempt to go down that bus only road to get into the car park instead of having to take a 1 mile detour to get to that car park."

Peter Kirk said: "Forty people a day who will never return to rip-off Swindon.

"We cannot complain when shops close. Due to lack of foot fall.

Louisa Giddings said: "We tried to stop 2 cars on Saturday driving down there told them to turn around or they will get a fine but they just gave us a funny look and carried on driving."

Julia Cain said: "It does need to be super obvious if so many people are going down it."

Lee Beaumont said: "Google maps was telling me to turn left out of the outlet car park but there were barriers up so turned right and right again thinking I could come round in a circle as didn’t know where else to go.

"Thanks Swindon council."

Claire Goldson said: "I did this when following the satnav, paid the fine and haven’t gone back since and I have told my children that we will shop elsewhere.

"So, easy when you know the roads to question people’s ability to drive, but on roads that you don’t normally drive, even when you realise, you’ve already been caught."

Gordon Moore said: "A total disgrace to Swindon. The people being caught are coming to Swindon to spend money in the Outlet

"The signage may as well be on a drone … please sort it Swindon Borough Council."

Julie Cook said: "I have never had a ticket but I can see how stupid the access to the car park is , totally ridiculous way round to get into it, I always use the other one."