BATTEN down the hatches, board up the windows, raid your local convenience store and stow away the inflatables; Ramsbury has brewed up a Storm.

A production company just out of Swindon (off the main road to Marlborough) got hold of the keys to Ramsbury’s top drawer brewing facilities and had a go for themselves.

Sandstorm is an advertising agency on the edge of Chiseldon that specialises in fancy video footwork. Its clients include some big global brands and local powerhouses (Honda/Dyson/Nationwide) and they don’t seem to be too bad at making ale either.

Storm, the product of their collaboration with Ramsbury is a punchy American Pale Ale, thick and coarse, as game as a rogue pheasant.

At six per cent ABV it’s got a robust body and nice amber hue. It pours with a thick and creamy head.

You get some earthy notes on the palate with a subtle bitter-sweet edge like a not quite ripe orange.

I picked up a couple of bottles on a recent trip to Three Trees Farm shop (£2.75 each) and the owner Beth explained that not only had this agency taken the time out of a busy schedule to brew this beer, but the staff also used their day-job skills and made a film documenting the arduous process. What a tough time those guys must have getting up for work in the morning.

You can watch the video (it’s only about three minutes) at It features colourful hair, large metal containers and a strange man with a fake moustache. It’s also an interesting video-graphic meander through the process of brewing beer.

You wouldn’t guess from tasting that there’s anything amateur about Storm so I can only assume the pros at Ramsbury provided some informed guidance.

In terms of rating - it’s 3.9 thumbs-up out of 5 from me – would definitely order one if I see it on tap.

Now I just need to go and find out when we’re getting started on the Swindon Advertiser Christmas Ale…