THEY weren’t pretty were they? Neither of the two Swindon games this week set the pulses racing but both had different merits as far as our beloved football team is concerned.

The FA Cup defeat by Macclesfield had no merit at all, really. It was a case of grin and bear it, as a side that had performed so heroically against Aston Villa resembled the flaky pastry in a County Ground cheese and onion pasty.

I know there were changes because of one reason or another but there should have been enough on the pitch to see us through to the second round and bring in much needed turnover.

Credit where credit is due, though, and that first Macc goal was a belter. That's why we love the sport so much - one minute you’re flying high, the next down on the ground and you move onto the next match.

The next match happened to be against our former manager’s side as Danny Wilson returned to SN1 for the first time since his sudden departure 18 months ago.

Danny's new steely Sheffield United team achieved the point they'd obviously come for and moved to the top of the table.

Again it wasn't pretty, in fact at times it was downright dull. I suppose you would call it a game of serve and volley. You kick it and we'll volley it back. The ball at times must have been close to endangering the International Space Station.

Still, with the injured and suspended absentees it was a decent point. Some heroic blocking at the end prevented a late defeat and I left the game feeling a bit bored but reasonably happy.

Another young player came in and performed well. Louis Thompson has made a positive impression in the last two games. We wish him well.

The transfer embargo is over. Well thank the footballing gods for that. Surely it’s one of the most talked about subjects for many a long year.

No longer are the manager’s hands tied and we can get on with kicking that spherical object around. I'm surprised the club shop hasn't been selling shirts with M'Bargo on the back.

So by the time you read this we may have new players in town ready for Walsall. Mind you, having seen the way PDC chest-trapped that ball in the second half against the Blades, he could be one of them. Superb skill acknowledged by the nearby United full-back.

Hey, we're within touching distance of the top with more than half a season to go. It could be a cracking second part of the campaign...again.

By the way, if anyone can tell me why flaky pastry exists, apart from making work for the County Ground cleaners?

See you at the Bescot.