HARRY Toffolo showed a trait many believe is too rare in the modern-day footballer when he spoke at his press conference this week – humility.

The 20-year-old defender showed a sensitive side that left many of the gathering press a little taken aback.

Rather than returning home after training and putting his feet up in front of the television or playing the latest games console, the Norwich City loanee has offered his services to charities across the town on Twitter, feeling he has a moral duty to give something back to the local community who come and support him every week at the County Ground.

That is something that has been imparted on the young player by his family and Toffolo has admitted that he is happy to do pretty much anything if it means that he puts a smile on the face of someone who needs it.

Having suffered personal heart-ache himself he believes he is in a good position to offer insight to those going through similar circumstances.

“The amount of support you get as an athlete, those people come and they care and if it means me going and spending half an hour of my day to make somebody else happy then I don’t mind doing that,” he said.

“We finish here at half one. I would rather do that than win a season on FIFA or Football Manager.

“It is one of those things you have got to go out and do and give back to people that are giving to you.

“That is one thing I have always been instilled with in my life with my family, they always say give back and that is something I am looking to do in the new year.

“I like to do my bit for Dementia Friends, my auntie had a brain tumour, so that is one of those things I am very passionate about.

“My Italian grandfather passed away with dementia and it is one of those things I want to give back and help other people because it was tough, it was hard.

“I can tell my experiences from that and help them get through theirs.

“I would like to do anything where I can influence another individual and make them happier or I can change their life in any way I would do as much as I can for them.

“If it means me having to stay there for a few hours to speak to two different children at a hospital then I am very keen on doing that, just to give back to them because it is the least they deserve really.

“Footballers are renowned for having a bad press but I believe there are so many footballers out there that are genuine.”