REACHING half-time 1-0 down, Swindon Town did not need to panic. They had shown enough in the opening stages of the first half to suggest they were well in the contest.

In Ben Gladwin they had the game’s outstanding player and their failings had only become apparent when they went through a prolonged period where the midfielder could not get the ball.

Town’s latest incarnation of a back four was doing OK. Peterborough’s goal was avoidable, but otherwise they looked solid.

For these reasons Town boss Mark Cooper’s decision to shuffle around his pack at the turnaround was odd.

Yes moving Louis Thompson into midfield meant they got the most out of him, but as against Oxford a full-back pairing of James Brophy and Brandon Ormonde-Ottewill increased Town’s vulnerability defensively.

Brophy is a talented player going forward and does not want for composure at the back, but he is too easily beaten down the flanks. By switching Ormonde-Ottewill you allow whoever he is up against the knowledge that they will always be able to get to the byline on the outside.

It meant that after the break, when Town should have come out looking more organised and settled after a reset with the coaching staff, they were adjusting.

Cooper said after the game that you cannot legislate for the mistake which brought the visitors their ultimately decisive goal. However what he might he should have anticipated for was that reorganising his defence meant momentum was going to stay with the Posh.

With players adapting to their positional changes, United were able to easily gain control of the ball in the opening stages of the second half. It was the pressure that ultimately led to the second goal, although Vigouroux’s decision making was equally culpable.

It was a shame because for long stretches of the game Town looked better tactically set-up to deal with Peterborough than they had with anyone in recent weeks.

Gladwin’s presence behind the strikers was key. He was able to use his skill to create numerous shooting chances or deliver clever passes into the box. A more in-form set of strikers may have taken advantage of some of the balls he was able to play in.

However, such is Town’s confidence at the moment, they were not.