CLIFF Puffett has urged Town fans to embrace any potential new investor and insists the mystery backer' could be just what is needed to reawaken a sleeping giant'.

In the wake of the revelation that a new investor is tantalisingly close to securing Town's long-term future, the former Swindon chairman insists it can only be good news for the club.

Puffett reveals he had already heard whispers of a potential big-money investor over the past few weeks and is confident a deal can be pushed through in the not-too-distant future.

He said: "It is absolutely fantastic news for the club. You want what the likes of Liverpool and Chelsea have got, I know that is pie in the sky but we can at least dream.

"This investment, if it happens, would be a tremendous breath of fresh air and would give the club the chance of getting back to the sort of status it should be.

"We want to be in the Championship at least. I think we have shown in the last few weeks we are bigger club than where we are and maybe the investment will help us realise that."

News of a potential deal has brought about inevitable cynicism from long-standing Town fans, who have heard it all before, but for Puffett it is a time to rejoice.

He said: "I have been out on the street and have only heard a good response coming from people. I have to admit I am surprised if anyone was questioning how good news this was.

"When Town were in Division One they wanted to be a Championship club and that has not changed. We have had crowds of over 14,000 in recent weeks and that shows our potential. This town could support the Championship and perhaps people can now start dreaming of that actually happening."

With a feel-good factor already evident in the town after promotion to League One just a fortnight ago, Puffett is hopeful that vibrancy can now remain.

He said: "This is the icing on the cake for me. As I said before it is fantastic news.

"This club is somewhat of a sleeping giant but perhaps it is about to be woken up.

"Sir Seton Wills has dug in year in year out to keep the club going and I am sure this news would come as a tremendous relief for him as well."