SWINDON Town Supporters' Trust has demanded an apology from Andrew Andronikou over the "busybodies" remark which has caused outrage among the club's fans.

Trust chairman Paul Davis will this week pen a letter to Company' Voluntary Agreement (CVA) administrator Andronikou, asking him to explain the "disgraceful" comments made in Saturday's Swindon Advertiser.

"The comment about the 20 or 30 busybodies finding something else to do has caused a great deal of anger among fans," said Davis.

"We (the Trust) have over 950 members, all of whom are extremely concerned about the way the club is being run and the way that Mr Andronikou is supervising the CVA.

"We will be writing to him to ask for an apology and to explain his remarks which appeared in the paper."

Andronikou has assured fans he has the authority to "extend and vary" Town's £900,000 debts at his discretion, and that a mystery investor will soon arrive at the County Ground, but Davis is demanding hard proof.

The Trust chief is adamant Town's debt must be settled by June 30 and claims Andronikou has not even bothered to discuss the matter with the creditors.

"If he's got an explanation as to how he can vary the terms of the CVA we would love to hear it, because everyone is mystified at the moment.

"It says in the accounts that the money is due on June 30, so show us the evidence to the contrary."

Davis added: "Mr Andronikou seems to be saying, I am the supervisor, I am God', while attacking the customers of the business.

"It seems a bizarre way to go about things."

Davis insists supporters have every reason to be worried about Swindon's future and claims the club could be two weeks away from "a bombshell".

The Swindon Advertiser has been inundated with comments from concerned fans who have challenged Andronikou to validate his claims.

Said Davis: "The fans should be worried because all we seem to have is blind assertions and insults.

"We are two weeks away from what could be a bombshell for this club.

"I would like to see Mr Andronikou explain himself to the creditors he has been appointed to protect, rather than taking side-swipes at the fans.

"If he wants to make further comments, perhaps he can explain how he intends to meet the obligations of the CVA when the directors have admitted they cannot do so. He does have a little amount of leeway after June 28, but really he is pushing it right to the edge."

Andronikou was unavailable for comment last night.