HAVE Swindon Town become too predictable?

Having listened to Phil Parkinson dissect the game standing in the dugout on Saturday, it was clear that he had worked out a game plan to conquer Town.

The ‘Swindon Way’ is now in its third season and while it may have caught people unaware two years ago, many have become wise to Swindon’s desire to play the ball out and be patient in creating those golden chances.

Bolton opted for a focal front man in the form of Gary Madine, with two wide men playing off him.

While Swindon’s back three did well in matching up to Madine’s physicality, which sometimes bordered on assault, they found themselves vulnerable to James Henry and Zach Clough, who exploited the space and holes left in the final third.

Out of possession, the trio ensured that Swindon were pressed high up the pitch and Town struggled to pass the ball out effectively, with Lawrence Vigouroux being forced to go longer than normal to Darnell Furlong and Brandon Ormonde-Ottewill, who were providing an outlet on the halfway line.

There were similar problems at the other end of the pitch. Town are keen to play the ball along the ground and bide their time to eventually work the opening.

For big and experienced defenders like David Wheater and Mark Beevers, it is their bread and butter to stay organised and they kept Town’s front two quiet.

Whereas balls over the top and in behind the defence, which gets big defenders turning and running back towards their own goal, could have caused problems.

While Luke Williams is adamant, to the point of being stubborn, that his style of football will always create more chances than the opposition, it was not present on Saturday, with six good chances falling to Bolton compared to Swindon’s two tame efforts - both from free-kicks.

While it is clear that Williams and Ross Embleton have been working hard in training to fix some of the problems of last season, defending corners a clear example of that, more holes are appearing than are able to be plugged.