What is it about Swindon Town? When we play a side that is bang in form, that should beat us at a canter, we put in a performance that is worthy of a team riding high in the league. Then, when we come up against sides that are evenly matched, we just lay down and let them walk all over us.

We need a team that takes to the pitch with real hunger, with the belief, with the pride and the passion to play for each other and the club. Where is the desire, that fighting spirit?

Not wanting to repeat myself but I am sure I have said it before. It’s not the fact that we lose games, that I can deal with. If the lads play well, are all putting in the best that they can and go down fighting, not many will complain. It’s the lacklustre performances that the fans are getting fed up with.

There is no consistency. One game we play with a sense of purpose and direction, the next we are all over the place.

I don’t know what to expect on Saturday. We are away from home, against a Scunthorpe side that occupy the top spot. They are also unbeaten at home in the league; scoring 17 goals and just conceding five. You will get little comfort looking at last season’s fixture. We were 2-0 down at half time, only to have four more put through our net before the final whistle.

Yet at the same time we were putting 3 past Rochdale last week, Scunthorpe were being beaten by Oldham 2-0. Away from home admittedly, but still beaten by a team at the bottom end of the table. So, there is hope for Swindon. Not much, but there is hope.

The Questions

Q1. Correct full-time Score

Q2. Attendance

Q3. 1st STFC goal scorer and time

Q4. Number of corners

Q5. STFC percentage of possession

Q6. Time of last STFC sub

Q7. Number of away fans

Q8. Number of yellow cards in the game

ALL ENTRIES IN BY 2pm Saturday, October 29.

Come on you Reds