THIS is a BIG, BIG match for Swindon Town. The ultimate six pointer. The must-win game.

If we have any ambition of staying in this league we really need to be beating the few teams that are below us.

Back at the beginning of October, the two teams drew the match 1-1. We really could do with the three points this time out.

After the lacklustre showing on Boxing Day, the lads have put in a couple of spirited performances but only have one point to show for it.

The last time the two teams met, after 11 games, Swindon had 12 points and were in 20th position and Shrewsbury had 10 points and were in 22nd place.

Fast forward to the present and Swindon have picked up a further 13 points and are now in 19th place, with Shrewsbury picking up 11 points and lying 23rd in the table.

Just to put a bit of perspective on Town’s plight, bear a thought for Bury. After eleven games, they were 3rd in the league with 20 points. Now, they are 20th with 22 points having only managed two draws in 14 league matches. They followed a six game winning streak in September in all competion, with no win in the following eighteen.

And we think Swindon are having a rough time.

The Questions

Q1. Correct Full Time Score

Q2. Attendance

Q3. 1st STFC Goal Scorer and Time

Q4. Number of Corners

Q5. STFC Percentage of Possession

Q6. Time of last STFC Sub

Q7. Number of Away Fans

Q8. Number of Yellow Cards in the Game

ALL ENTRIES IN BY 2pm Saturday, January 7.

Good luck to the Town and good luck to you all.