IT WAS a very good win against Coventry City on Saturday, but one win does not save the season. We still need a few more. Starting with another win against Gillingham.

The trouble is, we have not had back-to-back wins all season, let alone three in a row. That is something that must happen if we are stay in League One.

Soaking up the winning feeling after the game at the Rioch was not a bad move by Luke Williams, but if we don’t win on Tuesday, the home crowd will be somewhat more hostile and vocal towards the situation.

We really need to show the squad that we are behind them come what may, through thick and thin. Booing the players at the end of a disappointing game is not the answer. It just pours more negativity and doubt onto the players, especially as we have another home game at the weekend against Chesterfield, fellow relegation contenders.

Following Swindon Town has been likened to riding a rollercoaster on many occasions in the past. That analogy is certainly true of the current situation.

We have been riding the cart on that winding, twisting slope, down and down into the water splash. Well, at Coventry, we reached the end of that ride. The win got us hooked onto the drive chain.

We, the fans, the chanting crowd, are that chain that will help the boys up the steep slope to League One survival, in preparation for the ride to start all over again.

The Questions

Q1. Correct full-time score

Q2. Attendance

Q3. 1st STFC goal scorer and time

Q4. Number of corners

Q5. STFC percentage of possession

Q6. Time of last STFC sub

Q7. Number of away fans

Q8. Number of cards in the game

ALL ENTRIES IN BY 6.45pm Tuesday, February 28.

Good luck to all.