TRAINER Paddy Fitzpatrick insists the right decision was made after tonight's show at the MECA was called off.

Heavy snow across the region forced the gym to call off its latest show, where fighters including Sam ‘Sniper’ Smith, Ryan Martin and Commonwealth cruiserweight champion Luke Watkins were scheduled to box.

Though Fitzpatrick wanted to make an ‘11th hour decision’, he was left with little choice but to call off the card with medics concerned about the availability of ambulances should they be needed.

He said: “The main concern was if something did happen then an ambulance wouldn’t be able to get to hospital quick enough.

“The show had to be called off.

“It’s frustrating. People have to be informed of our decision from staff at the venue, waiters, doctors, paramedics.

“We even had fighters land at Heathrow from Croatia ready for the event. But it’s safety first.”

Though Smith’s bout against Kirk Garvey has been rescheduled to take place in London next weekend, Fitzpatrick’s other five fighters are now without a contest.

It’s something which plays a part in the unpredictable nature of boxing, according to the Swindon-based coach.

He said: “Boxing is unpredictable at best.

“You can never plan for these things. Most fighters retire before 10 fights because they believe reality isn’t matching their dreams.

“Fights fall through and fighters adopt a ‘can’t do this’ approach.

“Four shows were called off on Friday night and more on Saturday.

“I wanted to push the decision until the 11th hour. But there are more implications.

“Fighters prepare for a fight in the ring. You can’t train fighters for this situation. Who would’ve thought the snow would cause such problems?”

The magnitude of the situation was highlighted when Fitzpatrick’s ring supplier couldn’t guarantee all shows across the country would be delivered one by fight night.

“The ring supplier said in 30 years he’s never fell short of supplying a ring,” said Fitzpatrick.

“But he mentioned he can’t promise all shows this weekend will get one. That gives people an idea of the situation.

“I’ll be in negotiations for fights this week.

“I have Sniper to prepare for next Saturday. That will keep me busy as he’ll have to be ready for that.

“Otherwise it will be business as usual.

“Yes the fighters have lost an opportunity for another win. But the people coming for a night out have lost out as well as has the promoter. The list is endless.

“It’s frustrating, but on the other hand no one has messed up.

“The snow arrived and safety must come first. Boxing is beautiful but dangerous, the show has been cancelled for the right reasons.”