I THINK everyone associated with Swindon Robins has all of their thoughts with Mitchell Davey after he had that nasty crash when racing for Birmingham last week.

Mitchell’s injury is a bit more serious than the one I had last season, and it is such bad news for him.

You don’t want to hear that something like that has happened to anyone, let alone Mitch, who is one of the most chilled out and genuine people in speedway.

I’ve only known him since the start of the year, but he has been really cool to work with so far.

Being injured as a rider is rubbish, you’re just sat there doing nothing and you’d rather be out there racing.

Last year everyone helped me out by doing a collection, so hopefully we can all chip in and help Mitchell.

The club’s commercial manager, Lee Kilby, is planning on walking from Birmingham to Swindon in a sponsored walk, so hopefully he arrives in time for our next home meeting on Thursday without too much difficulty.

Lee and Mitchell are quite similar. They both help you out as much as possible and they’re both genuine guys. It’s a great thing for Lee to do, so I hope they raise plenty of money for him.

I speak to Lee quite a lot and when I heard about Mitch’s crash, I phoned him to see what had happened because I knew he worked at both clubs.

Not only is it frustrating to be injured, but financially, not riding is difficult. It depends on whether you have a part-time job or something like that.

For me, I could go and work with my dad while I was injured, so it wasn’t too bad. I’m not sure what Mitchell’s situation is but hopefully he will get by.

He’s in Birmingham at the moment, which isn’t ideal because he lives in Edinburgh.

I think he is going to have a longer time away from the track than I did, so if we can raise as much as we can to help, then obviously that’s what we will do.

The injury has forced our team manager, Alun Rossiter, into making a change in the line-up, as he’s brought in Jack Smith.

Last year, I’d managed to have a few decent rides, but my average hadn’t come out so Rosco didn’t know what he was working with.

Sometimes it can be hard to find a replacement. I know Rosco struggled to find guest riders when I was out but found Mitchell in the end.

In the first two meetings of the year, Mitch was doing well and now he was just starting to find his feet at Swindon.