SKIPPER Connor Tomley has warned his Swindon St George teammates that a level-headed approach will serve them well this season.

St George go into this weekend’s game with a 26-18 win over Bath in the bank, as they look to make the most of their momentum when they make the short trip on Saturday.

Tomley, who is set to sit out this weekend with a knee injury, says the nature of the league means you can never know what to expect on the day of a game.

“We have to go down there and just play our game, because we can never really know what to expect,” he said.

“Bristol have always been a big side, but over the last few years they haven’t really done anything to be a big name.

“We dominated other teams last year and teams were scared of us. Now we have a target on our back and teams are looking to beat us.

“Four years ago, we were the underdogs and we were lucky to win a game, now, we are the team that everyone wants to beat.”

Following an influx of new arrivals over the winter, the St George captain believes the squad is as strong as they have ever been.

With the season just starting Tomley admits it is good to see the club have plenty of options for the 2018 campaign.

“The depth is going to help us out loads this year, sometimes you look at the second team and wonder if they’d be able to play in the first team,” he said.

“With our second team, there are six or seven players who can step up and still do a job really well for us.

“Obviously, it is great to see when they do step up, but you want to make sure they know what they are doing when they do come up.

“It’s good, because you can look at our two teams and it is quite strong, which is good for us as a whole.”

Fitness wise, as well as Tomley, Jack Daynes is out with an ankle problem but is expected to return to action in the next couple of weeks.