FORMER Swindon Town boss John Gorman continues to relish working to deadlines and meeting demands, by selling paintings of his artwork.

Gorman, who managed Town during their only season in the Premier League 25 years ago, was a regular artist in Tottenham Hotspur’s matchday programme during his time at White Hart Lane in the 1970s.

And he continues to impress those who follow his work by completing requests, portraits and landscapes on a series of topics.

The 68-year-old former Carlisle United defender recently completed a piece to mark Wycombe Wanderers’ promotion to League One and has worked for TV presenter Bill Turnbull, who earlier this year revealed his battle with prostate cancer.

Gorman said: “I’m doing a lot of stuff.

“I get asked to do some charity work and I get bits of commission from other pieces I do.

“I do individual paintings, dogs, landscapes – you name it, I do it.

“I met a guy who was born prematurely not long ago and I’m doing a portrait of him, I’m quite excited about that.

“The drawing I did for Bill Turnbull led to a guy asking me to complete this Comanche portrait.

“It’s an Indian wooden mascot and I completed it for his house.”

Among Gorman’s other clients is former professional player Sergio Torres, a man Gorman introduced to Wycombe in 2005.

Torres is due to release a documentary about how he got his break in football, and 36-year-old Argentine marked the occasion by ordering one of Gorman’s pieces.

Gorman added: “I’ve always done it. When I was Celtic as a young boy, it was one of two things I was good at – the other being football.

“The rest I was rubbish.

“Even when I was at Tottenham, I had a bad injury and they used to put one of my drawings in the programme. All the fans remember me from that.

“There are a few footballers, believe it or not, that do it.

“I had a great chat with Iain Holloway, he’s into his artwork too.”