INDIVIDUAL performances remained Phil Brown’s key focus ahead of this morning’s pre-season trip to Melksham Town (11.30am).

Following on from Wednesday night’s 3-1 win against Cirencester Town at the Corinium Stadium, Brown’s men faced their second pre-season task against Kieran Baggs’ Southern League West squad in a rescheduled fixture to account for Town’s training camp tour to Spain – which starts on Monday.

Eight trialists were being given their final opportunity to impress Brown before he made a final decision on their future following the game.

Brown was monitoring those trialists in addition to piecing together the various interlinking plays that were on show in midweek.

The Town boss said: “There are certain things to admire and certain things you’d like to improve on.

“At the moment I’m looking at individuals, not at the team just yet.

“I haven’t done any team play yet. We’ve worked on physical fitness with the ball. Consequently because of that we are getting through 45 minutes.

“Our next aim is to get through 60 minutes, then 75 and 90.

“If players get a couple of 90-minute games in then they will be ready for Macclesfield.

“That’s the focus. The interlinking play will come in training. But I’m not quite there yet.

“We’re not at set-pieces, formations or patterns of play. Both teams that were put out (at Cirencester) looked comfortable at 4-3-3.”

Brown fielded two teams during Town’s fixture against Cirencester, swapping them over at half-time.

The 59-year-old was expected to reverse the teams for today’s fixture, with players including Kyle Knoyle, Steven Alzate and Keshi Anderson set to start.

Anticipating an intense start to the game is the reasoning behind Brown’s decision to swap the teams over, but ensuring no small injuries are picked up is high on the club’s agenda.

Brown said: “We will probably start the second-half team because if anything there will be more intensity at the start of the game than there will be in the second half.

“I thought our intensity right through the game against Cirencester was first class and I was well impressed with the mentality and attitude.

“That’s all I’m after. I want the mentality and attitude to be there as well as making sure we get through unscathed.

“To get through a full six weeks of no injuries or little niggles that cause players to miss a few days and therefore miss valuable sessions.

“The mileage players put in over the next few weeks is the most important thing. If a player can get to the start of August then they will be ready for 46 games.

“That’s their responsibility as well as mine.”