EXPERIENCED Swindon Town striker Marc Richards is likely to be missing for a few weeks, according to manager Phil Brown.

Richards was forced off the field mid-way through the opening half during Swindon Town’s second pre-season friendly against Melksham Town this afternoon.

The former Northampton man landed awkwardly on his elbow when contesting a header, forcing him off the field prematurely.

It’s now almost certain that Richards will miss Swindon’s training tour to Spain this week with scans and x-rays on the 35-year-old already planned.

Brown said: “That’s the only real negative point to today, the fact that Rico (Marc Richards) went down.

“He was clutching his shoulder and unfortunately had to come off, it looks like he could be out for a few weeks.

“We’ll have to wait and see what the scans and x-rays say, but to me it looks like he’ll miss the Spain trip.”

Should Richards’ shoulder injury not be as bad as first feared, he will spend his time in Swindon working on rehabilitation with an eye for returning before Town’s first League Two fixture against Macclesfield on Saturday, August 4.

Brown added: “If it’s not so severe he can start his immediate rehabilitation in Swindon.

“I think he rolled on the back of the centre half who tried to hold the ball up or flick it on, whatever the case may be.

“He managed to get a ride of the back of the centre half and when he fell he wasn’t prepared for it.

“He’s landed on his elbow and the force has shot up into his shoulder, causing a bit of damage – to the extent of which I don’t know.”