LIKE many I’ve been enjoying the World Cup while the speedway season has died down a little bit as I’m into my football as well as my motorsport.

During the break I have also managed to get back out on the grass track, which is always something I enjoy doing and as long as I have the time and the equipment, I think I’ll always look to do.

Now the speedway season has fixed race nights of Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, it is a bit easier for my to fit more grass meetings in, especially abroad if I can.

After winning a semi-final in the European U21 Grass Track Championships in April, I had the final in France on Saturday and was able to come third, which was great for me.

I went down to France a few days before the final which was nice, because it allowed me to just chill out a little bit and then the racing was on Saturday.

Previously I’ve struggled from going between grass and shale because it is different bikes, different set-up and everything like that, but I felt I did okay in our meeting away to Belle Vue Aces.

Despite the fact we didn’t get the result that we were looking for, it was alright to get back into speedway.

That track is a tricky one to navigate, not just for me because I know a few other riders also find it hard to get around.

At the beginning of the meeting it’s all about gating well because of the surface. It is quite heavy, but if you’re behind in the first five races it is hard to overtake because of the shale and the grooves in it.

Once those go, you just need to try and keep up with the track so you need to keep everything under control if you’re able to.

When the World Cup has finished we will have a bit of a rush in fixtures because of the ones which we have had cancelled, so I think that would be good for us to get back into it and get some momentum.

The defeat on Monday was frustrating, especially as we were knocked off of the top of the table.

But I think that it is important that we keep some sense of perspective because, as a team, we have been riding well.

I also think could turn out to be a good thing for us as a team as it will add that little bit of added determination for the next time that we ride.

Obviously, we never want to lose - of course we don’t - but we are always going to get beaten from time to time. There is nothing we can do about that.

It’s a bit of a kick for us, which will make us be on our game a bit more individually and as a team.

So we know it was a bad defeat but we have to look at the positives as well.

We can’t afford to let it become a habit so really we need to get going now and get back on track for the fans, starting with Wolverhampton away on Monday.