TALKS regarding stadium development at the County Ground between Swindon Town Football Club and the Supporters’ Trust will reach a structured stage next month.

Trust STFC vice-chair Rob Angus revealed the group will meet with the football club in September with the hope of working out an agreed structure with regards to the potential purchase of the County Ground.

Last week it was revealed that the football club had begun investigations with the supporters’ groups over a 50-50 joint venture for the freehold purchase of their home and subsequent development.

This news came after the Trust had an initial £1.1 million bid rejected by Swindon Borough Council last year following a re-valuation of the site.

Angus, one of 12 members on the Trust STFC board, believes a joint venture to purchase the County Ground would create the start of a long-lasting legacy at the football club.

He said: “From our perspective, we want to ensure the long-term benefit of Swindon Town Football Club.

“To work together with the club is a really positive outcome. We’ve been referencing that we’d like to work with the club for quite a period of time.

“I’ve met with Clem Morfuni (Swindon Town non-executive vice chairman) a few times now and he seems very positive about working together both for the fans and the club to drive things forward.

“Lee (Power) to his credit understands that we work with the fans. And while there’s still a long way to go in terms of understanding how all of this will work, a 50-50 position is a good place to be in to take things forward and enable the development we know the County Ground needs.”

Last week’s announcement came as a surprise to many after Town chairman Lee Power indicated that a formal offer had been made by the club to the local authority to acquire the freehold of the County Ground following discussion between himself, Clem Morfuni and authority officials.

Morfuni has since told Trust STFC that he wants to meet with Mr Power to further discuss development at the County Ground and move talks forward.

Angus added: “We’ve got some further talks arranged for September where we will flush out a few more details and try to work out an agreed structure.

“We’re about two things – we want to leave a long-term legacy.

“We want to ensure legacy, and our view is that if we have 50 per cent ownership with the club it will help to ensure legacy.

“And better engagement is our other aim. We want to ensure the success of the football club not only for now but for future generations.

“We believe Swindon Town has a huge amount of potential and should be pushing for the Championship.

“The growth and population of the Town has great potential. That’s the ambition of a lot of people, and if we all work together we have a better chance of reaching that goal.”