SWINDON Town Supporters’ Club chair Ann Alder agrees that uniting with the football club and Trust STFC regarding the purchase of the County Ground’s freehold is the best option if success on the pitch is to be achieved.

Last week, the football club confirmed that is was working with both supporters’ groups over a 50-50 joint venture for the freehold purchase of their home and subsequent development.

While the Supporters’ Club are not in a position to financially support the bid, Alder confirmed the group will give their full backing to a joint bid - adding they will do what they can to assist the move.

She said: “We look forward to being involved in the future while doing everything we can to support things going forward.

“We’re not on the same financial basis as the Trust. They have the contacts and there’s no point in going over the same ground twice.

“This move will benefit the club, it will bring supporters together.

“If you own the ground it becomes a more attractive investment – that investment would mean money could go into the squad.

“And a good team on the pitch allows the rest to follow.”

Alder has acted as what she describes as a ‘sounding board’ with Swindon Town non-executive vice-chairman Clem Morfuni for the past 18 months.

Talks between the pair have often helped Morfuni understand the fans’ perspective on topical issues at the club.

And she confirmed the joint venture will please Morfuni, who she believes was keen to see all parties unite.

She said: “I’ve been talking to Clem (Morfuni) for 18 months now. He’s using us as a sounding board to understand what the supporters want.

“He couldn’t understand why the club, trust and ourselves couldn’t all pull together.

“We’re more than happy to put our weight behind anything that is beneficial to the club. We all have one aim and that’s to support Swindon Town.

“I have had meetings with Lee (Power) – it’s all been very positive.

“I feel if more people to get to know Lee, I think they’d find him to be a nice person.”