SWINDON trainer Paddy Fitzpatrick has revealed ‘Sniper’ Sam Smith has been earmarked to feature in the second Ultimate Boxxer series.

The original contest took place in Manchester last year, with eight unbeaten and relatively unknown welterweights going head-to-head in a tournament format.

Each fight consisted of three rounds, each three minutes long with the traditional 60 second break in between.

The inaugural competition had the backing of both former world champions Ricky Hatton and Paulie Malignaggi.

The contest paid each competitor £2,000 without the pressure of having to sell any tickets and was streamed on YouTube and televised on Channel Five.

However, at the moment Smith has a record of 5-1 and has been named on the standby list for the championship.

Should he make the cut, Fitzpatrick says he will have no hesitation in allowing his light-heavyweight to partake but does not want his man on the standby list, as it could prevent him from being active.

“Sam is in the top 10, so at the moment he is a minimum of being on standby but I said to the guys there is another route we can go with Sam,” he said.

“I don’t want him being on standby. If we get into the top eight we are definitely taking it. At the moment he’s in the top 10 but being a standby would only stall his career until November.

“I’m up for anything that will get these guys who are turning professional to move their careers forward because it is a hard slog.

“No fighter can comprehend how hard it is. I have six professionals and they will all tell you it’s not easy. The reality does not live up to the dream.

“You have to work hard, shift tickets to get the right opponents in the beginning to develop you as a fighter.

“I’m all for competitions like this who get opportunities for the guys.”

Smith’s only defeat to date was to Kirk Garvey in a final eliminator for the Southern Area title and despite the loss, Fitzpatrick says his fighter remains focussed on claiming that title.

Should he not take part in the Ultimate Boxxer contest, the Ferndale Road-based trainer says facing Garvey again is another avenue they may explore.

“There is a lot of confusion with Garvey, he was supposed to be fighting for the vacant title because Anthony Yarde moved on,” he added.

“Then there was a problem with Garvey, I believe that has been sorted but that leaves Garvey wanting a dance partner.

“Sniper has let it be known he is willing to fight anyone for another shot at that title. He already proved he wants that title after he fought Garvey the first time.

“He’s not shy about fighting.

"If being in a fight is going to get him an opportunity then he is going to take them.”