SWINDON Robins boss Alun Rossiter was left disgusted by comments aimed at his riders from home fans in the aftermath of tonight’s dramatic 51-39 loss at King’s Lynn, a result which ended their Knockout Cup campaign.

Tensions were high following heat 15 as arguments broke out in the pits in the aftermath of Robert Lambert’s sensational lwin.

The 20-year-old Brit caught the back wheel of Tobiasz Musielak during a first-bend incident and was sent into the air fence at full speed.

It was a race in which Robins required a 5-1 to book their place in the Knockout Cup Final, consequently prompting some King’s Lynn supporters to voice colourful words in the direction of Troy Batchelor - who they believed had deliberately ridden Lambert wide in an attempt to let team mate Musielak through into second.

Comments voiced by a minority of Stars fans following Lambert’s super subsequent win in the re-run do not belong in the sport of speedway, according to Rossiter - who praised his side’s valiant efforts over 30 heats.

Rossiter said: “I’m a little bit disgusted with some of the supporters after heat 15.

“If there was something dirty going on I can kind of understand it, but the reaction from some of the King’s Lynn fans was more like football supporters. It was a disgrace.

“It was first-bend bunching. Both riders were entering the corner - it’d be a different story if they were both in the corner.

“It was an important race and every rider was up for it. It’s crazy.

“We were in a position where we could have been on a 5-1. But everyone has an opinion.”

Swindon’s hopes of securing a final spot were dented before two minutes were sounded as Adam Ellis, Zach Wajtknecht and Jack Smith were all ruled out through injury.

While King’s Lynn were also missing Ty Proctor and Niels-Kristian Iversen - who withdrew following a crash in heat seven - Rossiter believes his men were at a slight disadvantage despite his two guest bookings in Theo Pijper and Scott Campos.

He said: “I could ask for no more from the team. It’s time to now rethink and see what the winter brings after our last Premiership meeting against Belle Vue.

“It was just a bridge too far with a four-man team.”

Swindon return to action next Thursday (September 27), for their final meeting of the season against Belle Vue at the Abbey Stadium.