LAST weekend was a really disappointing one for the Swindon Wildcats.

We lost at home against Streatham and got caught out, to be honest, before getting revenge a day later on their ice – that was a good feeling for everyone.

We go out to win every game, of course we do.

Saturday was a bit of a let down, I don’t think we played quite to our level.

But Streatham played very well and must be applauded.

They kept everything to the outside and had a smart game plan, it caught us out.

Anyone in this league is capable of beating anyone, so we must make sure we turn up for every game and see out the whole 60 minutes.

I thought we dominated late parts of the game on Saturday, but at that point it was too late and were a few goals behind.

Teams have to adapt in all situations, but we leave that down to Aaron (Nell) – he’s done an amazing job as coach over the last few years. He’s really changed the way we do stuff and definitely for the better.

That’s more than proven in our results. It was just one of those games for us – hopefully it’s a one off and for the rest of the season we can be as consistent as possible.

To get revenge on Sunday was a nice boost for the team, although we were still disappointed about the Saturday.

We were lucky to be able to play them twice over the weekend. The guys really joined together as we knew we’d let ourselves down, but we put in a strong performance on the Sunday.

Travelling and hockey are both prominent in my schedule.

Hockey is such a big part of my life. It’s the fun part of my week and I look forward to travelling down and playing.

They say in teaching to make sure you have your personal life as well because it can be overwhelming with the amount of marking and paperwork you have to do after school.

It’s nice to be able to sit down and relax with the hockey. I love it – it’s my social life at the moment.

I haven’t really told any of my pupils about it yet.

The teachers know, and they’ve put my name into YouTube, which was interesting for them.

They’re very supportive and always ask how I’m getting on. It’s nice to have supportive staff working with me at the school.