SAM 'Sniper' Smith is more than capable of shaking up the domestic super-middleweight scene, according to trainer Paddy Fitzpatrick.

The Swindon-based fighter is set to move down a weight class after competing as a light-heavyweight in his seven professional bouts so far.

In his most recent outing at the start of this month, Smith bowed out of the Ulitmate Boxxer tournament in his opening contest after being beaten by overall winner Shakan Pitters.

Trainer Fitzpatrick has since announced the 28-year-old will be moving down to super-middleweight, where he believes his man will be more effective.

“We are moving down to super-middleweight. Sam isn’t a puncher, but because his shape and everything has improved, he can do it,” said Ferndale Road-based trainer Fitzpatrick.

“I know he has had a second loss in seven fights, but he boxed better in that fight compared to any of his other wins.

“He was in with a cruiserweight in the light-heavyweight division and he wasn’t a million miles behind.

“He was coming into the fight more and more and making the right adjustments.

"With that being said, he showed me he’d learned from the Kirk Garvey fight (a loss in March) and now I know he’ll learn from this one.

“At super-middleweight, I believe he can make a dent domestically. It will suit him very well.”

The loss of weight shouldn’t prove too much of a problem for Smith, as he weighed in comfortably under the 175lbs limit for the Ultimate Boxxer contest.

Smith returned to training earlier this month as he looks to embark on his career in a fresh division.

Fitzpatrick added: “For his last fight, he came in at 172.5lbs, so he was under the weight. On top of that, he had oatmeal and a banana, and while we waiting to get on the scales, he drank a litre of coconut water.

“If he dried out the night before and not had breakfast and everything else, then he would have come in under the weight for super-middleweight.

“So, what we have is a very good super -middleweight who’s learned a lot in seven fights and he’s only lost to two very good men.

“I’m very pleased with him. I’m very proud and I think he’ll make an impact at super-middleweight. We are excited.”