ALUN Rossiter believes hidden agendas and personal motives almost lost him his job as Team Great Britain manager at last week’s British Speedway Promoters’ Association annual general meeting.

Rossiter secured the Great Britain team manager role for an additional two years after being voted in by the committee following this summer’s silver medal success at the inaugural Speedway of Nations final in Wroclaw, Poland.

However, the Swindon Robins chief believes his status as Great Britain boss was almost lost due to the personal interests of others, which – in Rossiter’s opinion – at times got personal.

He said: “They’ve decided that I’ll keep the job for two years. I’ve always stated that I don’t like how the role is decided.

“Everyone sits there, and it can become personal – I think that was the case this year.

“People had hidden agendas that had nothing to do with my performance on the track.

“I’m in, though, so I want to move on and bring some success back to British Speedway.”

Since taking charge of Great Britain in 2014, Rossiter has guided his country to four World Championship finals and two silver medals.

Following VRX Motorsport’s takeover of the national team last season, a five-year plan has been set by bosses to transform Great Britain into one of the leading nations in world speedway.

And following Robert Lambert, Tai Woffinden and Craig Cook’s performances at the Speedway of Nations in June, Rossiter insists not everything is ‘doom and gloom’ regarding the national set-up.

He added: “The better thing about the GB role now is that is falls in line with VRX.

“They’re in control of the Great Britain speedway team for five years, with a review due after three seasons.

“We’ve got something to build on after this season – not everything is doom and gloom.

“I keep saying it – I don’t get why I have to keep justifying myself.

“In five seasons, we’ve reached four finals and secured two silver medals. I told the management committee that at the AGM."