ALUN Rossiter believes he has struck the right balance between continuity and fresh faces after confirming Zach Wajtknecht as the final name on his Swindon Robins roster for 2019.

Young Brit Wajtknecht has agreed to spend a third straight season at the Abbey Stadium after a string of impressive performances down at reserve over the last two years.

His return makes it a total of four members of Swindon’s 2018 side who will be remain with the club next year, with Troy Batchelor, Tobiasz Musielak and Adam Ellis also staying on.

They are joined in the Robins line-up by former world champion Jason Doyle, who returns after a season away, alongside fellow new recruits Dawid Lampart and James Shanes.

Rossiter feels having a consistent core to his side is the best way forward after completing a septet that he feels are capable of mounting a serious challenge in the SGB Premiership next year.

“We have freshened it up a little bit this year,” said Swindon team manager Rossiter.

“The biggest thing is that we have managed to get Jason back in, which is fantastic news, but I am a big believer in consistency as you don’t see it so much these days.

“That’s the biggest criticism everybody gets. People say there is no loyalty to the riders and then the riders have no loyalty to the clubs.

“I don’t think we can be brought into that bracket at Swindon because we are loyal.

“Some people might say we’re too loyal sometimes, but as I have pointed out before, I don’t think there is any point in making change for change’s sake.

“I think we have the makings of a good team and we’re looking forward to getting everyone together next year.”

Rossiter says Wajtknecht has been a pleasure to work with over his previous two years at the club and is pleased to keep the 20-year-old around for another season.

He said: “Zach is a rider that has certainly enjoyed being at Swindon and a rider I have enjoyed helping.

“He listens, he is always keen to improve and is just a genuinely nice kid.

“He has been very good for us and when we lose him, we can never replace him. We just can’t cover what he does for us.

“When you look at his scores – he gets fours, five and sixes away from home, and at home can get seven, eight or nine.

“Having someone chipping in with points like that at reserve is vitally important.”