IT HAS been about a month since the Trust AGM and League Cup 50th Anniversary event at the MECA, which was a brilliant night for Town fans.

John Trollope, Don Rogers, Joe Butler and Frank Burrows were interviewed on stage, and then signed autographs for around 90 minutes.

You can read an extensive write-up of both the AGM and the legends feature by visiting our website:

Of course, the majority of the AGM section was focused on the 50/50 joint venture purchase of the County Ground, and at the time we were still dependant on approval from the Swindon Borough Council cabinet and scrutiny committees.

Since then, both cabinet and scrutiny have approved the sale of the stadium.

We confirmed that we have some backers already, but our 50 per cent still needs supporters to get involved on a major scale.

The terms of the sale agreement state that we need at least 2,300 fans to purchase a community share to meet the requirements of a community focused acquisition.

We are not limiting it to 2,300, though. We want as many Swindon Town fans as possible to get involved – indeed, we want every Town fan to own a piece of the County Ground.

The share price was announced at the AGM and will be £19.69, which we hope makes it affordable for everyone.

We will try and tempt you to donate more through a Crowdfunding campaign that will include ‘rewards’, but regardless of how much you (or anyone else) invests, the supporter ownership element will always be a democratic level playing field and everyone will only receive one vote on any matters referred to community shareholders.

Many people have got in touch since the AGM asking when the shares will go on sale, and the answer to that is that we are aiming to launch our fundraising efforts in August, to coincide with the start of the new football season.

This is for a number of reasons, but most of all – we need several months to complete a community share offer document that will give you full transparency on the deal and underline what we are asking you to buy a share in.

In order to get that community share offer agreed we need to complete a lengthy legal process and in doing so will form a new Joint Venture (JV) company that encompasses Swindon Town Football Club and Swindon Town Supporters.

This JV will be backed by a 50/50 deadlock legal agreement and currently has the working title of “The County Ground Custodians”.

We are working with our long-term lawyers (Cooley of London) to get the paperwork drafted and will hopefully complete that initial process in the next month or so.

Aside from the legals there is lots more to do, we need to update our model rules to ensure supporters interests are always protected, we are creating a video to support our Crowdfunder launch and putting plenty of time and effort into getting a set of rewards that you will enjoy.

We appreciate that supporters want to be kept in the loop and will always do these updates to help you understand the progress, but in the meantime if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via our website and you will always get a reply.

Thanks for reading and thanks also for the support.