SWINDON boxer Ryan Martin will not be taking anything for granted tonight against travelling fighter Zoltan Szabo, and admits title fights are at the forefront of his mind in 2019.

Martin faces Hungarian super-lightweight Szabo, who holds a record of 25-18-0, at the Fight Town I show at the Oasis Leisure Centre this evening, looking to record his fourth win in a row.

It will be the 25-year-old’s ninth professional fight in his home town and he will be hoping to extend his winning record in Swindon beyond 7-1-0.

With Szabo having lost his previous six bouts, some fans expect Martin to win at a canter, but the man himself knows better than to count his chickens before they have hatched.

Commenting on his opponent, Martin said: “It will definitely be a task. His record doesn’t really show his quality in boxing, but I know I’ve definitely got to be completely focused for eight rounds, if I don’t manage to get him out of there before the final bell.

“There are people who play certain roles in boxing. Szabo takes fights that he might not necessarily win or get the decision in other people’s back yards.

“He travels a lot, he comes over here and fights prospects, but he is definitely of a high-quality in boxing.

“He knows what he’s doing, he knows his way around the ring and he’s game enough. He definitely comes to win, that’s for sure.”

With 13 bouts under his belt, Martin feels ready for another shot at a title fight.

Following disappointing efforts to claim the vacant WBC Youth welterweight title and the vacant IBO Continental welterweight crown in 2017, Martin is chomping at the bit to have another go, but knows his experienced trainer, Paddy Fitzpatrick, will likely have the final say on when he is ready to go again.

Martin said: “I really want to push for titles after this. I want to push and fight some names.

“Obviously, I’m under the guidance of Paddy, and I’ve got to take into consideration what he says.

“We usually agree on a lot of things, but I think we’re closing in on the time to start pushing my career forward and making some big moves.

“Being a fighter, I would take a title fight tomorrow. If the board got hold of us and offered us a title fight for tonight, then I’d take it.

“I’m ready to go, but sometimes Paddy has got to put the leash on a little bit and make sure we’re doing things properly.”