BODY language from players in the aftermath of Swindon Town’s 3-1 win over Notts County at the County Ground this afternoon displayed signs of a team disappointed by their season’s efforts, according to manager Richie Wellens.

Led by Wellens, the entire squad paraded the pitch’s perimeter for a ‘lap of respect’ after the final full-time whistle of the season sounded – prompting Notts County’s relegation from the Football League.

The 39-year-old noted that players stayed 20 yards clear of the advertising boards that separates the supporters from the pitch – that move made it clear to Wellens that his squad feels as though they have under achieved this season.

And he’s now called on his squad to ensure they’re in contact with the supporters in 12 months’ time – in hope the club is celebrating a successful season of football in the fourth tier.

Wellens said: “I’ve talked to the team after the game about our lap of respect – and I like watching players’ body language and how they are.

“When we walked around, they were 20 yards away from the sidelines – because they don’t want to get so close to the supporters.

“There’s a little tinge of disappointment regarding where we finished in the season. If you win something and do a lap of honour, you go right up to the boards because you’re proud of what you’ve done.

“I clocked all of that. And I told them to come back and make sure they’re close to the supporters this time next season because they will hopefully be proud of what they’ve done.

“On the whole since I’ve come in, it has been good – but maybe a seven out of 10. We could’ve done more.”

The game’s emotions proved turbulent for travelling fans. Following Kane Hemmings’ penalty, Notts County briefly pushed themselves out of the division’s bottom two.

But that soon changed as Macclesfield equalised against Cambridge, before Town’s three goals ended the Magpies’ 157-year stay in the Football League.

And Wellens sensed his team still had another performance in them following a positive week of training leading up to their final game.

He added: “There was a weird feel to the game, you’re hearing cheers from the Notts County fans which gives you the impression that Macclesfield have gone behind.

“The last three weeks have not been easy for us, but I sensed that training sessions went really well. And I felt we would deliver a really good performance.

“I’m disappointed in the last three or four weeks. I still feel we lost an opportunity this season.

“But now we start from scratch, and I want to make a real good go of it.”