A HEARTFELT message of thanks and support for the future was issued by departing midfielder Jak McCourt, whose time at Swindon Town came to an end on Wednesday following the club’s announcement regarding out-of-contract players’ futures.

McCourt, 23, made 30 appearances for Town this season after joining the club on a free transfer last summer – following his departure from Chesterfield.

The midfielder’s only goal in Red this season at Macclesfield will perhaps go down as one of the most memorable.

A right-footed injury-time half volley that crashed off the inside of the left post ensured Town poached three points from the Silkmen for a second time in the 2018-19 campaign – the excitement proved too much for one supporter who found himself hanging off the edge of the away ends advertising boards in jubilation.

But after being informed by Town boss Richie Wellens that he will no longer be required at SN1, McCourt immediately wished the club the very best for the 2019-20 season and admitted he would have changed elements of his time in Wiltshire.

He said: “I enjoyed my time at Swindon, it’s been a bit of a rollercoaster season to be honest.

“When I had my run of games, I thought I played well. But that is part and parcel of football.

“Swindon is a massive club, and I think it will get back to where it needs to be with a couple of changes.

“Things didn’t quite work out, and I wish everyone all the best for the future.

“When Richie Wellens joined, I probably played my best stuff.

“I hope the club can get back to where it should be. I would change a few things in hindsight, but that’s for me to keep to myself.

“For some reason we just fell a bit short, and had we picked a few points up here and there during games when we were on top then we could still be training now and preparing for the play-offs.

“But we fell short.”

The Liverpudlian also sympathised with the club’s supporters.

Following relegation from League One, Town have since failed to reach League Two’s top eight in their two fourth-tier campaigns.

It’s a far cry from the Premier League and then Division One days throughout the 90s. But, with a few tweaks here and there, McCourt believes Swindon Town can start to climb the Football League ladder.

He added: “I think the fans took to me well. Like I said when I joined, I will wear my heart on my sleeve for every game and work as hard as I can.

“Sometimes you don’t play your best game, but I will still work hard.

“The fans know it’s a massive club, and when they get on the teams back it’s because they know the squad is good and its under-achieving.

“They just want the best for the team. I can understand why some of the fans moan – I’m a Liverpool fan, and when they don’t win I’ll moan.

“I’ve been in the game for a while now, and I know how fans work – and I don’t blame them.

“That’s why I hope everything works out. I wish everyone involved all the very best.”