Stratton Higashi Karate have appointed two new instructors following the departure of long-serving instructor Phil Woodfield from the club.

Woodfield, 4th Dan, has been overseeing the development of martial artists at the club for 22 years but is now relocating to Cornwall.

Dean Averes, 2nd Dan, and Jess Byfield, 1st Dan, are to take over in Woodfield’s place.

Woodfield said: “I have had a fantastic time at the club and have been lucky to teach some very good students over the years.

“I leave the club in good hands.Dean and Jess are both loyal students and friends of mine and are two very good instructors.

“I hope the public will continue to support them in the way they supported me during my time at the club.”

Stratton Higashi Karate will continue training on Thursday evenings at the Nythe Centre on Nythe Estate, with sessions starting at 6.30pm.

All new members are welcome to attend.