TROY Batchelor says there is no pressure on the Swindon Robins ahead of tonight’s crunch meeting against King’s Lynn Stars in the SGB Premiership Supporters' Cup.

A victory for Alun Rossiter’s men will see them book their place in the Supporters' Cup final against northern group winners, Belle Vue Aces, while the Robins would feature in their first cup final since 2007.

The Abbey Stadium outfit have never won the competition, having come closest when losing to Coventry in 2007, but have put themselves in an excellent position to have another crack at the whip with just a home victory over the struggling Stars between them and a two-leg shoot out for the title.

In-form Batchelor bagged 14+1 when the two sides met three weeks ago in league action, and the Australian is fully confident of a repeat result if each of his teammates show up.

He said: “We’ve done pretty well so far, and at Swindon, now that the track is quite nice, we haven’t faced much competition.

“I’m sure we’ll get through – not sounding over-confident – but just confident in our own ability.

“If everyone rises to the task and does their job, I’m confident we’ll get it done.

“We’ve already raced them around Swindon, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t be better this time.

“They know the track a little bit more now, but there’s nothing to be scared of from our point of view.”

The Robins have gone from strength to strength at home so far this season, and surged to a comfortable 55-35 victory over their potential cup finalists last time out at the Abbey.

Batchelor, Jason Doyle, Adam Ellis and Rasmus Jensen all scored at least 12 points each against Belle Vue 10 days ago and the 31-year-old believes that his teammates still have more to give.

Batchelor said: “I feel like we’re really strong the whole way through.

“You’ve got me and Doyley at one and five, and we’re probably the strongest pairing in England, and then all the other guys are there to back it up.

“You do have to have seven guys contributing, but maybe not every night.

“Sometimes you can have five or six of us going well and one or two people can have an off night, but you still win. We have that and it makes us pretty solid.

“I don’t think we’ve shown our full potential yet. We’ve done quite well at Swindon, we just need to win some away meetings and pick ourselves up in the league table.”